You can succeed in love, marriage, and family!

Successful marriages and families do not automatically happen. Successful relationships happen because couples and family members make marriage and family life a central priority and do the work necessary to achieve success. 

You can succeed in the most important relationships of your life... with your spouse and/or children. We want to help you find Relationship Success

Successful relationships are:

Good for men and women...
Men and women who are happily married enjoy these benefits over their unmarried or unhappily married counterparts:
Healthier lifestyles
Longer lives
More satisfying sexual relationships
Greater wealth and economic assets

Good for children...
Children from successful marriages also enjoy greater benefits than children from unhappy marriages and/or single families. They have: 
Better relationships with parents and peers
Better emotional health
Better success in school
They are more likely to have clear goals for their future, are more likely to go to college,and are less likely to have unplanned pregnancies.

Good for society...
Marriage is not merely a religious ritual or social contract; it is a political act. Strong marriages build strong families. Strong families build strong schools, churches, and neighborhoods that in turn build strong civic communities and a strong nation.

Good for business...
Employees who are happily married are more loyal, stable and productive in their jobs. They live healthier lifestyles, take less time off from work, and have fewer health care expenditures than unmarried employees.

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Everyone wins when a marriage succeeds.
People who invest in their marriages make the best parents, neighbors, PTA and church members, employees and citizens.

There are no perfect marriages, but there are successful marriages,
and the difference between failure and success seems to be this:

Successful couples work on their marriages.