Good marriages are good for business!

Promoting healthy marriages is good policy for business. By helping employees have solid marriages and better relationships with their companions, businesses ensure better employees!

Happily married employees increase profitability

  • Happily married people are more loyal and stable employees.

  • With no big issues to deal with at home, happily married employees are more focused at work.

  • Happily married people also live healthier lifestyles, and they take less time off from work for illness.

Unhappily married employees decrease profitability

  • Employees who are in a relationship which is spiraling downward are less productive at work because they are less focused on their work.

  • Their problems often spill over to affect their workplace friends and supervisors, who also may become less productive as they make time to listen to and counsel their hurting workmates.

  • Employees in troubled relationships have increased absenteeism due to stress and emotional needs.

  • They tend to have greater health problems and issues with substance abuse which, in turn, lead to more sick days, higher health insurance premiums and higher health care expenditures.

The data is clear: employees' marital troubles and divorce are bad for business!

Invest in your employees’ marriages and primary relationships and reap the dividends!

We can help you help your employees

Here's how:

  • Offer marriage and relationship education to help employees learn the skills necessary to be successful in their relationships at home.

  • Offer marriage and relationship coaching to help couples develop and practice the skills needed for a successful relationship.

  • Offer a variety of professional services for intervention when an employee's relationship is in trouble.

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