Marriage Assessment

The Amazing Gift of YOUR Marriage...
An assessment of how your marriage is a benefit to you and your spouse.

According to research done by Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher and published in their book, The Case for Marriage, couples in successful marriages experience a great number of personal benefits.

Twelve of the most outstanding are selected here to assist you in assessing the "successfulness" of your marriage. This assessment is merely a tool to help you take a look at your marriage, to give you a "snapshot" of how marriage is a gift in your life, and to identify areas where some attention is needed. (This is also the pre-workshop homework for couples attending The Amazing Gift of Your Marriage workshop or a personal coaching session.)

Directions: Read through the following list of benefits of a successful marriage, then complete the assessment statements on our marriage assessment. Give the answer that best fits the question; very often it will be the first one that "pops" in your head.

  1. Teamwork: Successful couples approach their life together as a team.

  2. Self-discovery: Successful couples discover their separate gifts and develop them in a complementary way.

  3. Maturity: Successful couples hold one another accountable; each becomes a better person.

  4. Wealth-building: Successful couples take positive steps to create wealth but do not allow wealth to become the center of their relationship.

  5. Healthy Lifestyles: Successful couples live healthy lifestyles.

  6. Workplace Success: Successful couples bring the gifts and talents from their marriage to help them succeed in the workplace and managing the home for those who are homemakers.

  7. Good Neighbors: Successful couples bring the gifts and talents from their marriage to help them be a good neighbor and involved citizen.

  8. The Best Caregivers: Successful couples take care of one another during illness and personal crisis.

  9. Friends: Successful couples have fun together as life-long friends and companions.

  10. Children: Successful couples welcome children into their lives if they can have children, and when they cannot, they find ways to unselfishly give themselves to others.

  11. Mental and Emotional Health: Successful couples manage stress, learn to work out conflicts before they get out of hand, and keep a positive, hopeful view of life.

  12. Great Sex: Successful couples enjoy a mutually satisfying sex life that is pleasurable, frequent enough, and a favorite way of saying "I love you."

Is Your Marriage Successful?  Complete our marriage assessment and find out!

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