Marriage Workshops

We offer these opportunities for enrichment, education and coaching in our marriage workshops:

Hidden Treasure
A retreat workshop series for couples to help them discover the amazing gift of their marriage

This is our foundational workshop. Couples attending Hidden Treasure will "dig" through their life together in order to deepen friendship, fun, spirituality and romance. They will also strengthen their skills at speaking and listening to one another and learn how to recognize and stop negative communication and interaction. Hidden Treasure will teach couples to replace these with a simple and constructive method of speaking, listening, and problem solving that will transform the relationship. (Christian and secular options available.)

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The Marriage Jackpot Date Night
This two-hour event is a fun night for couples hosted by the parish to inspire them to work on their marriages. The parish provides refreshments and door prizes, but Robert Fontana is the entertainment. He will lead all in singing old love songs, "test" spouses on how well they know one another, and introduce Murphy the Marriage Salesman. Robert will also start a conversation about the challenge of marriage in America and will present the latest research that explains why married people are happier, healthier and wealthier. Couples who have succeeded in marriage have won the proverbial "jackpot" of life.

Marriage Rocks! Workshop
Youth and young adults attending this this one-hour workshop will participate in a conversation about the gift and challenges of human sexuality, the benefits of a successful marriage, the reasons why couples are failing in marriage, and specific steps to take now to succeed later as spouses and parents. This workshop is fun, involves the audience and has been very well received by young people in public and Catholic school settings and parish youth groups.

A Testimonial about Marriage Rocks!
Robert Fontana... has the audience paying attention from the opening of the presentation.

Teenagers find him humorous, but he also challenges them to think deeply about sexuality,
maturity and what it takes to succeed in relationships as adults. I recommend him highly.

Lynne Greene, Davis High School Media Center Director

Marriage Rocks! Retreat
Marriage Rocks! Retreat is a one-day retreat (6-8 hours) that goes into more detail exploring the topics of the Marriage Rocks! Workshop.  This retreat day will also reflect on marriage vows, their power to save romantic love, and specific skills youth and young adults will need in order to succeed later as spouses and parents. The Marriage Rocks! Retreat is fun, faith-filled, and fully involves the participants.

Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon
is a three-hour retreat to help couples reflect on their life together. Sunday Afternoon guides couples through three conversations:

  1. Why we married and why we stay married
  2. Our Sacramental marriage
  3. Our marriage vows today

At whatever stage your marriage is today — going great, needs work, or really struggling — you will benefit from Sunday Afternoon.

Parish Marriage Team Training

If you have found our marriage workshops helpful, then consider organizing a Parish Marriage Team (PMT) that will actively promote marriage enrichment opportunities at your church throughout the year. Team members are trained to assess the needs of a parish community as these relate to marriage enrichment and marriage preparation, develop a marriage ministry plan to meet these needs, and go through specific training necessary to implement this plan. This would include date nights for couples, guest speakers, marriage enrichment workshops, family events, marriage preparation for the engaged, and relationship education for youth and young adults. Volunteers will be trained to implement Hidden Treasure and serve as marriage coaches who are able to assist individual couples in developing the communication skills necessary to succeed in marriage.

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