Relationship Success Education

Relationship Success is an educational resource for schools, churches, and community organizations, providing current, research-based information to help women and men, young and old, succeed in the most important relationships of their lives: with self, spouse/significant other, family, God.  

Having a successful marriage is like winning the jackpot.
You cannot buy the benefits of a strong marriage.

  • How can you enjoy the best, most amazing and life-giving intimacy?

  • What one thing can you do to assure the highest degree of emotional, spiritual and physical health?

  • What is the single most important financial decision you can make that will help you achieve greater wealth, keep it over your lifetime, and be able to pass it on to your children and grandchildren?

  • What's better than a cell phone, iPod, Wii console, music lessons, or athletic or academic achievement for securing your child's happiness?

  • What is the most effective action you can take that will help your family, neighborhood, and community thrive?

Have a successful marriage!

Habits of Successful Marriages and Families:

1. Teamwork
2. Self-discovery/Maturity
3. Faith & Community
4. Healthy Lifestyle
5. Education of Children
6. Workplace Success

7. Care During Illness
8. Emotional Engagement
9. Emotional & Mental Health
10. Couple/Family Fun
11. Wealth Building
12. Good Neighbors/Citizens

Workshops and Classes for Relationship Success

Robert Fontana offers workshops and classes that combine the best information available from social research (and the Christian faith tradition as appropriate) to equip couples and families to succeed in loving one another.  

Special programs are offered to high-school-age youth and young adults to help them gain the skills now that they will need later to succeed as spouses and parents.

Speaker fees: Non-profits: $75; for profit: $125

There is no fee for Robert to speak to schools and youth groups. 

To schedule an event or make an appointment, contact Robert Fontana

at 206-651-5058

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