Fall in love all over again and develop the communication skills necessary to succeed in marriage

Hidden Treasure will help you discover the amazing gift of your marriage

Comments from couples who have attended our workshops:

"The workshop was very well organized and the material was extremely useful in helping us speak to one another."

"I gained new insights into our relationship; we addressed issues that need to be discussed."

"I learned some new skills in speaking more clearly to my spouse without saying hurtful things; now I need to go home and practice."

"The best section was learning about The Dirty Dozen: 12 Ways of Negative Speech, and a method to recognize them, and stop them."

"I really liked the time spent with my spouse because, as usual, we do not make the time to do just that!"

"Great job! The day went by fast. You gave important tools to keep our marriage healthy."

"I was given a simple tool to become a better listener."

You will be asked to reflect deeply about your life together and...

  • Assess and discuss major areas of married life...

  • Learn how to negotiate meeting one another's emotional needs...

  • Learn how to protect the relationship from negative words and behavior...

  • Mature in faith and spirituality...

  • Practice living out your wedding vows on a daily basis...

  • Be better friends and enjoy one another...

  • Learn a simple way to make decisions and solve problems...

  • Strengthen intimacy and romance, and...

  • Fall in love all over again!

Couple forming a heart with their hands on a beach at sunset

Hidden Treasure includes 12 one-hour workshops.

In each session you will assess how well you are doing in an area of married life and you will learn and practice a technique called “My Turn: Speaking and Listening for Understanding.”

The sessions include:

  1. The Amazing Gift of Your Marriage
  2. Two Ears for Listening
  3. Taming the Tongue
  4. Deepening Friendship
  5. Do We Know Each Other?
  6. Intimate Communion
  7. Shared Faith
  8. The Imperfect Couple
  9. Mars and Venus in the Bedroom
  10. The Bedroom Dividends: Children (even if you do not have any)
  11. Money Matters
  12. The Future Together