Is Your Marriage Working for You?

Most people (rich or poor, male or female, and regardless of cultural background) want fulfilling, lasting marriages. However, 40-50 percent of marriages will end in divorce. The rate is higher for second marriages, especially those with children.

Even marriages in which there are strong religious convictions experience these same divorce rates. Catholics, for example, divorce at the same rate as the general population.

People with deeply held convictions that marriage is a life-long commitment often do not have the necessary interpersonal skills to make their marriages work.

Marriage counseling is helpful, but studies indicate that counseling and therapy are inadequate because they focus on ingrained patterns that are difficult to change.

We offer marriage enrichment, education and coaching, not counseling.

Marriage education gives couples the skills to address behavior that can be changed while becoming aware of the deeper issues that cause problems.

Work on your marriage and your marriage will work!

We offer these opportunities for marriage enrichment and coaching:

The Marriage Jackpot Date Night
This two-hour event is a fun night for couples, inspiring them to work on their marriages with the understanding that couples who have succeeded in marriage have won the proverbial "jackpot" of life.

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Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon is a three-hour retreat to help couples reflect on their life together. At whatever stage your marriage is today — going great, needs work, or really struggling — you will benefit from Sunday Afternoon.

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Hidden Treasure
This workshop includes 12 one-hour sessions designed to help couples develop better skills at speaking and listening to one another so as to deepen friendship, fun, spirituality, and romance in the marriage. (Christian and secular options available.)

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The Eucharistic Marriage
In six two-hour sessions, this workshop helps couples develop an authentic Christian vision for marriage based on the rites of marriage, Scripture, and traditional marriage customs.

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Parish Marriage Team Training
Parish Marriage Team members are trained to assess the needs of a parish community as these relate to marriage enrichment and marriage preparation, develop a marriage ministry plan to meet these needs, and go through specific training necessary to implement this plan.

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